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Picket Hill is not a hill, but the highest mountain in the Western Area Peninsula, the region where Freetown and many of Salone’s finest beaches are located.
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One of the most mesmerizing experiences you can have in Sierra Leone is spending a couple of nights at the Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Rise with the sun, learn about the forests' many medicinal plants, swim in the river and completely detach from the stresses of daily modern life on this uninhabited tropical island.
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Number 2 NDA
“Ecotourism is the echo of the waves, the echo of the birds in the mangroves, the echo from the mountains. Come and explore our white sand beach, turquoise waters and view of the Banana and Plantain islands not far from the shore.” Mr. Barrie, representative of the N.D.A. Its name might be slightly confusing; River No. 2 refers to both the river that flows into the sea and the village...
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