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Sierra Palms Resort

Sierra Palms Resort – ideal for business travelers and tourists

The brand-new Sierra Palms Resort is the ultimate destination for both business travelers and tourists who are looking for comfort, productivity and entertainment.
NEC Sierra Leone elections

Elections in Sierra Leone

As a visitor, the election period can seem intimidating, but what is it really like to be in Sierra Leone during the elections? It's understandable that many avoid the country...
Bissap picture courtesy of Mahwu Pantry

The best Sierra Leonean drinks

Every country has their own specialties when it comes to beverages. In Sierra Leone, the best drinks are fresh, cheap and perfect for the hot tropical climate. Here are five...
Poyo Drinker and Cup

For the love of poyo

Also referred to as the drink that came from God to Man, palm wine (or poyo) has many Sierra Leoneans go wild. Poyo is tapped from the high tops of...
Yung Sal, Ma dengn

Ma Dengn Festival 2017 Review – December vibes in Freetown at its best

On the 16th and 17th of December 2017, Ma Dengn held its sixth edition. It was a weekend full of the best Sierra Leonean music, food, traditions, fashion, art and...
Coffee Lovers Guide to Freetown

The coffee lovers’ guide to Freetown

There’s no need to turn your holiday into a caffeine rehab. Here’s the survival guide for coffee lovers to Freetown, written by a former barista.
Big Markit - Arts and Crafts

Big Markit – Craft Market

One of the best places to get all these knick knacks in Freetown is Big Market, an absolute valhalla for your gift-shopping and a great opportunity to support the community...
Craft Market, Lumley

Lumley Arts and Craft Market

The Lumley arts and crafts market is very similar to Big Market in town, but smaller and more tranquil. It is located in Aberdeen and has a collection of batiks,...

Get your fit on in Freetown

When people on the street comment, "you de enjoy-o!" or, "you don bump," referring to the extra layer of flesh around your waist. All the fried rice, chicken, poyo and...
tangains stall

Tangains Festival – Food, Music and Market

Each December, the National Stadium hosts Tangains, a trade fair that can be seen as a microcosm of Sierra Leones’ entertainment and consumer culture. Tangains is a fantastic place to...

5 places to eat on a budget in Freetown

Eating out in Sierra Leone can be expensive, especially in Freetown. Burgers and fries can easily reach 10$, and a pizza will cost even more. If you are more adventurous...
2 Guys Restaurant and Bar

3 places to start your Friday Night in Freetown

On Friday’s Freetown buzzes with activities and people who want to blow off steam from their workweek. The crowd moves from one place to the other, so showing up at...
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