Birding Specialist Charles Showers’ Eight Favourite Birds in Sierra Leone

Charles Showers is one of the authorities when it comes to Birding In Sierra Leone. Always drawn to adventure, Showers says he started birding in class five, when he lived in the Provinces. After completing his secondary schooling at the Prince of Wales, he went on to study Wildlife Management and Tourism in Tanzania and Kenya. After that he did some more wildlife studies at Atlanta Zoo in Georgia US and Hawk mountain Sanctuary in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania US, where he did more environmental awareness and Raptor identification and monitoring training. He is currently the President of the Board of the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone. We are fortunate to have him lead some of our birding tours here at VSL Travel.

He has chosen his 8 favorite birds all found here in Sierra Leone which we are happy to share with you:

1. Sierra Leone Prinia (Bumbuna)
2. White – breasted Guineafowl ( Gola Rain Foresr National Park)
3. Gola Malimbe (Gola Rainforest National Park)
4. Emerald starling ( Lake sonfon, OKNP)
5. Rufous fishing Owl ( Gola Rainforest National Park & Tiwai Island)
6. Crested Guinea Fowl (Tiwai Island)
7. White-necked Rock fowl or Picathartes ( Peninsular forest, Gola Forest. Loma mountains, Baiama Kenema, Serabu)
8. Osprey ( open Lakes & Dams/reservoir)

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