Banana Islands Tour

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Banana Islands Tour

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Head over to Banana Island for an experience you will not forget. Explore this historic island full of interesting and very friendly inhabitants. 

There are various options for getting to Banana Island. We can either pick you up and drive to Kent from where we will board a boat or we can board the boat at River Number Two. We will dock at Dublin, one of the three islands that make up the Banana Islands. Once there, we will have a tour of this historic village and settle down for lunch and maybe a swim later. There is also the option (not included) of doing some snorkelling off the coast of one of the islands. Another option is to take a boat trip to Ricketts before departing for Freetown.


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Banana Island Trip

After much persuasion about taking a boat on a joy ride it actually turned out to be a very exciting day.
Not sure what time we started that day as it's been a while now, my memories go back to when we had to get into the boat which was a little tricky but exciting as we had to lift the wives in.
Once we were on board the fun began immediately most of it by our on board live entertainment (No Names mentioned;)), the endless supply of the most desired Vodka coupled up with the less productive banta made it to be very refreshing.
What I appreciated most about that trip other than it been free was the view of our coast line and been able to identify different landmarks along the way.
Unfortunately we were unable to swim when we arrived but this was quickly forgotten when we were offered a tour of the village which became even more interesting when we met the head of the local church who also turned out to be the "Baba Odeh" of the hunters.
Three of the many sites visited which stuck to my mind were:
.The location of town bell because of it's history and significance.
.The very unkempt but most important resting place of so many Slaves.
.The location of the two majestic cotton trees which the local believe watch over the town.
The trip to and from was smooth, quick and comfortable due to the attention to detail in the construction of the boat,unfortunately true love never runs smooth the only downside to the trip was the food it just did not taste right.
I'm really not one for sight seeing and excursions but I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again even if I had to pay next time.

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Banana Island

This was an amazing experience. The boat ride was comfortable and the tour around the island was fantastic. Would love to do this again.

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