Bafa Resort

Bafa Resort

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Bafa resort at Banana Islands introduces the concept of ‘Glam Camping’ to Sierra Leone or ‘Glamping’ as it is also affectionately known. To the uninitiated, this means camping in luxury.

Get out and explore the Island bays in a kayak, a canoe or a pedal boat go snorkeling or if you don’t know how to swim, take free diving lessons. Go on a fishing trip whatever your specialty is, from Spear fishing, bottom fishing and trolling. Go on guided hiking trips across the island or historical tours around the village. Or if you just can’t be bothered, that’s fine you can laze about on the beautiful beach and have yourself a picnic, a sunbath or a nap in a hammock (yaaas!).

There is a bar stocked with alcohol and fresh cocktails and juice made from the island’s fruits and take our word for it – Banana Island has some truly tasty fruits. The cuisine combines Sierra Leonean flavor with international flare. Bafa Resort offers a fresh island and sea cuisine, a pristine beach and ocean adventures