Formerly Hotel Kimbima, now Golden Tulip Essential Kimbima Freetown
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The Sierra Palms Resort is the ultimate destination for both business travelers and tourists who are looking for comfort, productivity and entertainment.
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River Number Two
River Number 2 is the name of the river that flows into the ocean on the Western Area Peninsula and refers to both this river and the beach. It is seen as one of Sierra Leone’s most alluring and celebrated attractions and is popular with both tourists and Sierra Leoneans. It is next to Tokeh...
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Tokeh Beach
Tokeh is a small coastal village settled on the Western Area Peninsula has one of the most beautiful beaches Sierra Leone has to offer. The long, white-sand beach stretches all the way to River Number 2 and the seawater is calm, making it a popular and safe spot to swim. Tokeh beach has a backdrop...
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Ricketts Life
Said to be named after Major H.J. Ricketts who, after retiring from the army, worked in the Liberated African Department of Sierra Leone. He founded numerous villages for liberated Africans though he later fled Sierra Leone due to unpopularity with the local population. Ricketts was founded in 1830 and by 1847 had grown to a...
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Old St Luke's Church
Dublin is 11 miles long  and  1.3 quarters miles wide with seven hills and seven beaches and a population of 842 (2012). Dublin is full of backyard gardens, big breadfruit trees and rare and delightful butterflies. In the morning, you will be greeted by beautiful sounds of strange and beautiful birds. Dublin was once controlled...
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Bafa resort at Banana Islands introduces the concept of ‘Glam Camping’ to Sierra Leone or ‘Glamping’ as it is also affectionately known. To the uninitiated, this means camping in luxury.
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Yesterday afternoon, VSL successfully handed over items donated to the victims of the mudslide and flood by the VSL Community via our website. The items were donated to the ‘Pentagon Community’ which had been moved to a camp in JUBA HILL. The camp has 362 inhabitants but there is a verification process still ongoing. Through...
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An imposing structure along Lumley beach, in between the Aberdeen mangrove and the Atlantic, the Atlantic Lumley Hotel is impossible to miss. Sierra Leone’s newest high-end hotel is impressive. According to staff, the Atlantic Lumley Hotel is part-owned by a Hong Kong business man, and has 57 rooms priced from $198 per night. Each floor has four...
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Donation Cancelled You have chosen not to go on with your donation at this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are happy to deal with your enquiry as best as we can.
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