Tribewanted: John Obey Beach

thumb TWSL-BB-outside-miniTribewanted is a small eco-tourism community living on about 6 acres of beach and lagoon-front land adjacent to the John Obey fishing village on the Freetown peninsula, Sierra Leone.

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Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary

tn_tiwaiIt is said that in the late 1800’s, the widowed ‘Queen Nyarroh’ of Barri, fell in love with the Chief of Koya, who lived on the opposite side of the Moa river, behind Tiwai Island. As a gift of love, Queen Nyarroh gave half of Tiwai to the Koya Chief, so the Chiefdoms would share ownership.

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Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

tn_tacugamaTacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary situated outside of picturesque Regent Village, is only 30 minutes from Freetown.  Located along the Regent/Bathurst mountain road, this sanctuary for orphaned and habituated chimpanzees is a refuge for human visitors as well. Offering daily scheduled visits, as well 3 eco-huts for overnight stays, Tacugama is the perfect place for those wishing to escape the heat and hustle of Freetown and enjoy fragrant forest breezes in the company of some extraordinary creatures. The Sanctuary now offers self-catering accommodation in the form of 3 beautifully crafted lodges.

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Banana Islands

tn_129_list_00111_1252272315The Banana Islands lie southwest of the Freetown Peninsula in Sierra Leone. The Islands are about a 20 minutes boat ride from Kent, and offer good opportunities for snorkeling and fishing or if you fancy it, a canoe trip around the Island.

There are several options for accommodation on Banana Island, but the one best exemplifying ecotourism values is Banana Island Guest House. Conveniently located at the point closest to Kent, this lodge is owned and operated by the Banana Island Youth Association, providing sustainable livelihoods to the island’s inhabitants. Six bright rooms including private bathroom are available.

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