Turtle Islands

One of the Turtle IslandsA group of eight islands off the southwest peninsular, the Turtle Islands are idyllic and are in habited by fishing communities. They are remote and hard (and potentially expensive) to get to; it can take at least 3 hours from Freetown by speedboat. If you do make it to Bonthe then we recommend chartering a speedboat from the Bonthe Holiday Village. There is a basic Conservation Society guesthouse where you can stay, or of course you could always pitch a tent. A boat trip to various islands is recommended as is swimming and fishing with local fishermen. The water (and air!) is clean and fresh which makes swimming a truly pleasurable experience.

Part of our 14 day, City and Islands Tour. 



This is between the Moa and Mano Rivers. Access is not great and is believed to be easier from Liberia side of the border. They are also believed to offer surf-quality waves. About 11km in length.

Freetown Peninsula

River Number 2 BeachProbably offering the greatest potential in the tourism industry, the beaches along the Freetown Peninsula are a sight to behold.

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