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Restaurants   November 05, 2015

Relaxing at the Oasis

I've been to Oasis a number of times - the atmosphere is relaxing, food is always excellent and service caring....

1 Day Tours - Same day excursions
Pierre Songo-Browne   August 16, 2014

Banana Island Trip

After much persuasion about taking a boat on a joy ride it actually turned out to be a very exciting...

1 Day Tours - Same day excursions
Annette   July 21, 2014

Banana Island

This was an amazing experience. The boat ride was comfortable and the tour around the island was fantastic. Would love...

1 Day Tours - Same day excursions
Kent Rhodes   July 18, 2014

Bunce Island Tour

This past May (2014) was the second time that a group of students from Queens university of Charlotte has been...

1 Day Tours - Same day excursions
Bieito Pedreira Muñiz   July 14, 2014


Thanks for the excelent day that we spent with VSL team around the fantastic beaches along the península. We are...

1 Day Tours - Same day excursions
Thomas Zajac   May 29, 2014

Excellent tour! Would do this again.

This was an amazing experience! My guide Abdullah was very good. He's knowledgable and a very interesting person to go...

Eastern Province
Armin Sauer   May 10, 2014

Good Hotel

surearriver   April 04, 2014

Well Impressed

I happen to visit Tessa's for a friend's birthday dinner on my Christmas vacation last december and i must say...

Peaceful Tunis   April 02, 2014

Great Resturant

Owner if Tessa's Mrs Teresa Wyse has been a personal caterer of mine since London and I was really impressed...

jenny   February 23, 2014


I went last week for dinner after not having been for a year or so. The outdoor seating area is...

140 results - showing 1 - 10  
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