Banana Islands

The Banana Islands lie southwest of the Freetown Peninsula in Sierra Leone. The Islands are about a 20 minutes boat ride from Kent, and offer good opportunities for snorkeling and fishing or if you fancy it, a canoe trip around the Island.

There are several options for accommodation on Banana Island, but the one best exemplifying ecotourism values is Banana Island Guest House. Conveniently located at the point closest to Kent, this lodge is owned and operated by the Banana Island Youth Association, providing sustainable livelihoods to the island’s inhabitants. Six bright rooms including private bathroom are available.

Committed to sharing the history of Sierra Leone with guests, each room provides a profile of a historical figure instrumental in the abolishment of slavery. Information on the local biodiversity, notably the endangered sea turtle species is also provided towards inspiring appreciation for and conservation of the island’s precious natural resources. Solar panels and a vegetarian menu are other green elements.