Hull Com / Rhoda Guesthouse Port Loko

Hull Com is a very basic guesthouse with ample facilities. At a first glance it does not look like a guesthouse, but more like a random building with rooms. However, the bright rooms are affordable and clean, the staff helpful and friendly and there is a tranquility at both locations that make this guesthouse a good option to stay.

The guesthouse has 12 single rooms and four double rooms. All rooms have a mosquito net and a fan. The generator will be on from 7pm-7am. Hot water for showering is provided in a bucket and the rooms have no air-conditioning. Breakfast is included in the prices. Even though the guesthouse has no restaurant or official menu, meals can be ordered in advance.
Options are Sierra Leonean dishes (cassava leaves, potato leaves, groundnut soup etc.), chicken and chips and chicken and rice.