3 places to start your Friday Night in Freetown

On Friday’s Freetown buzzes with activities and people who want to blow off steam from their workweek. The crowd moves from one place to the other, so showing up at the wrong time might mean that you missed that eclectic crowd of partying Freetonians. There are quite a few options on how to kick-start your Friday night, and we have covered some of the best places in town for you.

2 Guys Restaurant & Lounge

2 Guys is one of the best spots to warm up for the rest of the night. True to its name, 2 Guys has a laid back atmosphere. They serve great tasting, affordable and well-prepared food (6$ for a burger with chips) and they have an ‘extended’ happy hour with serious cocktails from 7pm-10pm. The music is a combination of R&B, rock, pop, 90s hits and Afro-beat, to name a few.

The best time to visit is around 9pm, but at times 2 Guys starts to vibe earlier than that. The evenings here can easily turn into dance-filled nights, so do check it out, entry is free.

Address: 71 Wilkinson road, Freetown
Contact: +23277523001 & +23288656858

The Hub

The Hub is a hotel, bar and restaurant that has Freetown’s finest sipping cocktails and snacking on sushi.
On Friday evenings the space starts filling up around 8pm, and the fancy dressed crowd lounges around the poolside. The space is on the second floor and overlooks the bustling Bottom Mango roundabout. Surrounded by tropical plants, warm lights and an array of lavish drinks, the Hub is the perfect place to start off your Friday night fashionably.

The Hub hotel
Address: 6, Regent Road, Wilberforce, Freetown
Contact: +23288112120


Papaya is a well-known bar and restaurant on Aberdeen beach. The crowd comes in early to enjoy the sunset and the richly filled skewers that Papaya is known for. Those who don’t want to miss their favourite rugby or football game, Papaya has a number of big screens that show the most popular ones.

The crowd is mixed and starts coming in from 6:30pm until about 11pm. Do check it out if you are up for a sports game or an informal get-together.

Address: 9 Lumley beach road, Aberdeen, Freetown
Contact: +2323066666


About the author

Esther Kamara is a Dutch-Sierra Leonean that was born and raised in Amsterdam. After finishing her bachelor Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam she moved to Freetown, where she now works as a freelance writer and artist manager. Her brainchildren are otherworldly short stories and peculiar drawings of non-existing characters. Her contributions to the blog do not necessarily reflect the views of Visit Sierra Leone. Although she tried to be as accurate as possible, these observations are always momentarily and therefore subject to change.

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