VSL Spotlight: 232Complex

What is it like?

With its luminous green paint, 232 Complex is easily the most noticeable spot on the Lumley Beach Front that doesn’t have flashing lights. I mean, who could miss those giant Heineken banners? It has a trendy yet understated look that is quick to catch the eye. It houses a restaurant, lounge, a club and a VIP club. It also has Conferencing facilities. The premises extend across the street onto the sandy part of the beach for visitors who prefer the seaside weather. Inside it is tastefully furnished with African influences such as bamboo sticks for partitions. On the wall outside the club is the shape of Africa made entirely of Heineken bottles. They opened their doors to the public on April 8, 2017.

Why you should check it out

232 Complex has an authentic Sierra Leonean ambience unlike a lot of other entertainment spots. In fact, it sells only locally produced beer, and at a reduced cost compared to other places.

The air conditioning in the club is more than adequate, minimising the indoor humidity.

The service when we checked out the opening was excellent, making you feel at home, although you slightly get the feeling that if you dare ask for imported beer you might get a dirty look.


Lumley Beach Road, Freetown
Contact Number: +23230715412

Hours of Operation
Restaurant: 7 days a week, 12pm to 12am
Club: Weekends, 11pm to 5am

Payment Options
Credit/Debit cards and cash

Clientele Age Group