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10 reasons in favour of domestic tourism in Sierra Leone

VSL ran a trip to Bunce Island on March 26th and the following article is from Memuna Forna, who runs Insight – “The only magazine for those who do business in Sierra Leone”. Very interesting and well worth a read. You can also follow her on Twitter @ft_insight

On Sunday 24th March, when I visited, it was peaceful and picture perfect. From 1744 to 1807, it was a place of profound human misery and exploitation where thousands of African men, women and children were herded in shackles through the ‘Gate of No Return’.

It’s fanciful to talk about the memory of place, but on Bunce it’s impossible to ignore what happened here, and I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never visited before. Nor had the other Sierra Leonean in the party. Yet Bunce played a tremendously significant role in the transatlantic slave trade and in the history of Sierra Leone and Great Britain.

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