Flying to Sierra Leone


BAAll persons entering Sierra Leone must have a valid passport or travel document. Citizens of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) do not require a visa to enter the country.

Visas are issued at Sierra Leone's overseas missions or you can have a look at our visa service page to find out how we can facilitate this for you in 2 to 3 business days. Even for countries where the visa fee is waived, you'd still a visa to enter.

Flying from Europe

Direct flights from Europe are available from London and Brussels through BRITISH AIRWAYS, BRUSSELS AIRLINES, AIR FRANCE and GAMBIA BIRD. Sierra Leone lies in the same time zone as Europe and only 6 ½ flying hours direct from London and Paris. There is no jet lag flying this route. See our flight schedule for an updated list of flights into Sierra Leone. You can also contact us to book flights.

Flying from the States

There is no direct flight from the United States of America. One option is ROYAL AIR MAROC from New York via Casablanca. There is a few hours transit time. Obviously, there are many options if flying indirect, but another popular option is flying to Ghana (Delta Airlines) and on from Ghana using Kenya Airways. See our flight schedule for an updated list of flights into Sierra Leone and get in touch with us to book flights.

Flying within Africa

You would think this is most straight forward, sadly not. KENYA AIRWAYS flies from Nairobi via Accra. Kenya Airways operates in partnership with KLM which opens up more options for connecting flights. Other regional flights include ARIK AIR (Dakar, Banjul, Lagos), and ASKY AIRLINES (Accra, Banjul, Monrovia). Flights from Europe normally include airport tax, but with most regional flights you are required to pay this on departure, at a cost of $65. Please check with your travel agent.

Direct flights into Sierra Leone are operated from London, Brussels, Ghana, Liberia, Banjul, Dakar, Lagos and Monrovia.

All international flights arrive at Freetown International Airport, Lungi. Please see our flight schedule for more information. 

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